Maria - Kalliopi


MD, MSc, PhD

Cardiothoracic Surgeon

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Maria Kalliopi (Marilyn) Konstantinidou is a Cardiothoracic surgeon. She was born in Athens, Greece and studied medicine at the University of Crete. She took a scholarship to Boston University and finished her studies. She started her training in the most well-known hospitals of Athens and Piraeus. However, she completed her training in cardiothoracic surgery at Harefield Hospital in London, United Kingdom.

She further specialized at King’s College Hospital and Royal Brompton Hospital in London.

She returned to Harefield Hospital as cardiothoracic surgeon where she was involved in complicated operations and exposed to modern techniques in cardiothoracic surgery.

She was responsible for the cardiothoracic surgery teaching programme of Royal Brompton and Harefield NHS Foundation Trust and participated in research programmes. She has published many articles and she is a reviewer of acknowledged scientific journals. She has been a speaker and organizer in Conferences all over the world.

She has acquired both a Master of Science Degree and a PhD from the University of Athens.

Currently she is a cardiothoracic surgeon at Henry Dunant Hospital Center.

Her expertise in the complete field of cardiothoracic surgery including new techniques and endoscopic surgery, guarantee the excellent outcome. She always takes good care of her patients supporting them in every step.

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Cardiothoracic Operations

Dr Konstantinidou can undertake all the cardiothoracic operations including both sternotomy techniques and endoscopic surgery such as: